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Airsoft Trader Site Upgrade

I am really excited to share with everyone something I’ve been working on and off for the past few months. An awesome upgrade to Airsoft Trader.

After looking at the statistics of the site 49-59% of traffic is from mobile & tablet users.

Unfortunately, the old site wasn’t very mobile friendly. There were no ad preview images, contacting users and leaving comments required lots of scrolling and things weren’t in the logical place. The original website was really suited more for desktop use than mobile use.

Not anymore…


Site Redesign

I’ve completely redesigned key sections of the site.

Things like ad previews, so you now get the key information at your fingertips and a nice large preview image. Based on your device you’ll see between 2 to 4 columns of ads making it really easy to browse through.

What’s more, the ad listing pages themselves have been overhauled. Now you’ll have nice bold images at the top, followed by a 3 tab system. First tab all the details about the advert, the second tab is the contact form, and the final third tab is your public questions & answers.

Beneath the ad listing is a nice bold user summary, giving you their profile image, account status and their feedback score in a nice, clear, easy to view approach.

I’ve done away with the ‘map’ but this can be brought back if I get enough request for it. At the top of the ad listing, you’ll have the location in a text link. If you select this it will actually open another window with a map of the location in Google maps in case you do want to see their location on a map.

Big thanks to Josh Stewart for submitting his image for the home page header area. His image got the most likes and sits proudly top of the site! Good work! Go check out his team Tactical Airsoft Group Inc. Josh, I’ll be sending you a patch as soon as I’ve ordered some more!



 Your account area has been redesigned.

You’ve now got a menu at the top to all the key pages associated with your account.

You’ve got an account summary with your account status, feedback, link to your profile, and other key information.

One of the upgrades in here is also the private messaging system. You can now delete messages direct from the dashboard (without needing to enter the message). Also, when you receive a new message not only will you receive an email, but there will be a nice large site wide notification on each page until you read it.



Filtering Options

Something I’ve wanted to add for a while and something I’m going to be expanding on are filter and sort options for the adverts.

Now when you’re browsing the ads you can filter by region and sort by price.

I’m going to be adding further sorting options shortly, including by date, hiding WTB ads (if browsing all ads) and more. Also, note that region filtering is only working on adverts where the region field has been completed. I added this to the site a couple of months ago as a required field, so there is only the older adverts that don’t have this completed. I will be trying to go back and update historic ads that don’t have this completed.



 Site Security

As part of this update, the site now includes a security certificate in order to protect your details better. You’ll see now when browsing the site the address bar will show HTTPS and the padlock icon. Safe, secure, and trustworthy.


 Improved User Profile

I’ve gone ahead and also made some changes to your user profiles (you can get a link from any of your account screens – next to your display name).

Your profile area now display your social media sites including your YouTube channel if you have one. You can add your location and your team name & website.

You can private message other users directly from their profile pages now as well.

These updates along with the ability to clearly see your feedback score makes your user profile a great resource to share with other users to qualify your player history. Even if you’re trading elsewhere you can still point people to your Airsoft Trader player profile to give them all the details they need.



 Featured Ads

Something I’ve always said from the start is that listing ads on Airsoft Trader will always be free.

Yes, there were some start-up costs involved with creating the site, notably domain names, hosting, site framework. More recently improved hosting and security certificates. Not a huge amount of money and I’m quite lucky that I’ve got skills that enable me to complete project like this with relative ease without having to pay other people to make it for me.

I’ve also expanded on the base framework with my own customizations which I’ve in turn sold back to other users creating sites with this framework.

That said, there are adverts over the site, which bring in a few dollars a month (I’m talking a bag of bb’s here) so by visiting the sponsors you do help out.

In this update, however, I have included the optional featured ad upgrade for your listing.

Featured ads sit at the top of the home page in the nice slider and will rotate through as people are on the page.

In search results, your ads will stand out with a red border, star icon and red title text.

When users are browsing categories, your ad will always be on the first page of the category at the top.

For the time being, I picked at random 4 adverts to be used as featured ads as an example on the site.



 What I Need From You

Now, I know, even after lots of testing there are no doubt going to be some display issues with random parts of the site for users on different devices.

I’ve tried to test on loads of different devices but I can only do so much. So if you do notice anything that maybe doesn’t look the way it should please take a screenshot and send it to us either via email or via the Facebook page. Let me know the device you’re using and I can look at getting any graphic issues fixed promptly.

Things I am immediately aware of that will be getting fixed shortly (it’s late Saturday night and I’m at airsoft tomorrow so these will be sorted next week as low priority).

  1. Password strength bar on registration page alignment issue.
  2. Top users in community area not actually displaying top users.
  3. Sorting users by feedback in the community is not working.

These small bugs are trivial and don’t impact the working of the site which is why I’ve gone ahead and rolled out the update.

Thanks, guys and girls. I really hope you’re as happy with the new site as I am.

Any questions leave a comment below.

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11 Responses to “Airsoft Trader Site Upgrade”

  1. Every ad seems to have lost the description section. Other than the photo, make, model and cost, the ads are empty.
    It’s still ‘attached’ to the ad if you edit it but it doesn’t display on the page.

    • Hey Adam,

      I’ve just checked your ads and all their descriptions are showing on the page?

      Between the ad title, price and images there is an advert, past this advert is the ad details, message user, and Q&A sections, followed by author details.

      I may look at moving this ad on mobile devices so that there’s no confusion 🙂

      let me know if it was just a case of not scrolling down the page far enough.


  2. Dean Quickfall on November 27, 2016 @ 6:58 pm

    I too am missing descriptions.

  3. Just an update – I’ve resolved the AdBlock issue. Descriptions now show if you have AdBlock enabled.

    Obviously I’d appreciate if you disabled AdBlock for this site though 🙂 They are small and unobtrusive 🙂

  4. Sean Jameson on January 1, 2017 @ 4:52 pm

    Is anyone else having issues with IM? When I try to send a message, I get a second screen that says “You must enter a valid recipient!”

    • Hey Sean,

      I’ve had one user email saying they had that problem. However, they didn’t follow up with any details on the ad or the user they were trying to contact.

      Messages are still being sent, from what I can see on the back end, and I’ve just run a few tests with a couple of accounts and they all went through ok.

      If you can email me on hello(at)airsofttrader.co.nz with the advert you’re trying to send a message through and I can take a closer look.

    • I can also confirm this small bug that affected a small number of users was fixed a while ago.

  5. Dean Quickfall on January 21, 2017 @ 7:51 pm

    Hey mate I have a small feature request.

    I think it would be nice to see if a private message has been read/ opened


    • I replied to you email before realising it was a comment on the site LOL. Just so everyone else can see;

      Thanks for the feedback, I will bear this in mind!

      Just working on an update for the comments right now so users know if they have comments on their ads and if they’ve got unread comments, so I will bear the PM ‘read’ notification in mind for after this is complete.

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