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Big Update – Only 1 Day In.


Thank you for all your feedback it’s been amazing.

I really can’t believe the positivity I’ve received after only deciding to make this site late last night and working hard throughout the night and day to get it ready for initial launch, testing and feedback.

I’ve had some great suggestions from loads of people on the Facebook post I created – way more than I actually expected to get. I never realised there was this kind of demand for a site like this. I would have done it ages ago if I had knew.

I’ve taken a lot of what people have been saying and continued to work hard throughout this evening trying to get the key features down.

Lets take a look at whats been done:

  1. Registration required to contact members. You’re now required to register an account before you can contact a seller using the in site contact form. This also led to me removing the field in the ‘create ad’ page asking for contact details.
  2. User feedback system. Yes thats right! You can now leave feedback for other users directly on their profile, which will show on their listings. You can edit your feedback up to 1 hour after leaving it, and you can reply to feedback left on your profile. Really hope you like this. – There is a bug which only seems to affect Google Chrome browser; the feedback left is not saved. Other browsers test fine. Hope to resolve asap.
  3. Private messaging system. Another requested feature was the ability to private message potential buyers / sellers directly within the site. I’ve added this functionality and you can message any other member on the site through the messaging center under the ‘User Dashboard’ menu. Messages are limited before you will need to clear old ones out. I’m going to see how this goes regarding stress on the server.
  4. Added list of members. This is so you can browser through the current members and view each members profile. Link is in the footer.
  5. Added social sharing to ads. You can now create you add, then share it with your favourite social network to get maximum exposure.
  6. Increased photo size from 1mb to 2mb. But have reduced the number of 6 photos to 5.
  7. Added a WTB section. You can now post in a WTB area with 3 sub sections. If you feel more categories or sub categories are required please let me know.
  8. Added postal cost boxes to the ads. You can now enter how much postage to both the North Island and South Island will be for your item.
  9. Added New / Used option for your ads. You can now let users easily know if what you’re selling is new or used.

So as you can see from this list, I’ve already added quite a bit from the feedback I’ve gotten.

Please bare with me however as I continue to build the site out, I have a busy week ahead so whilst I’ll be putting as much time into this project as I can, things might progress a little slower over the following week.

Thanks again guys, and happy airsofting!


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9 Responses to “Big Update – Only 1 Day In.”

  1. Outstanding Dale! 🙂

  2. Kudos Dale
    well done

  3. Thanks guys! Don’t forget to let your friends know about the site! Lets get this to the place to go 2nd hand airsoft trades! We had almost 400 visitors yesterday after making it public 😀

  4. Awesome work man! Just as a heads up, the social sharing buttons don’t display properly on my mobile. Everything else displays fine but they overlap. Presumably because I have a tiny screen, and the logos aren’t small.

  5. Also, not sure if this is deliberate, but it seems you can place feedback without having traded with someone.

    • Yeah unfortunately at the moment its going to be like that.
      Because the ads are not auction / sales like say for example trademe I can’t limit who can post feedback where.

      However if there are any feedback disputes or you have concerns about anything message me and I can get in touch with the relevant parties.

  6. Rowan Brebner on February 28, 2016 @ 8:47 pm

    Thank you and well done.

  7. Sean Jameson on February 28, 2016 @ 9:08 pm

    This is really excellent. Great work.

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