Change Log

Change Log –

14th April 2016

  • Added the ability to message a user directly from their profile page.
  • Tidied up the menu at the top of the page.
  • Removed the live chat feature as not being used enough and wasn’t worth the monthly fee.
  • Improved ad placement on site & made them responsive.
  • Single ad listing map has been moved from sidebar and placed between content and related ads. Changed zoom level so you have better idea of location.

7th April 2016

  • Added member list that shows profile picture, display name, real name, their verification and age status and then their feedback score. Page also includes a search feature so you can easily find other members on the site. You can then go through to a users profile page by clicking on their display name.

3rd April 2016

  • Added watchlist feature so you can add listings to a private watchlist to check on later.
  • Added graveyard category that can be used to you junk or bits and bobs you not longer want / need and not sure how much they are worth.

28th March 2016

  • Added Related Listings underneath the single ad view. This shows adverts from the same category. This gives users more to see when they are browsing site and encourages users to view other ads.

27th March 2016

  • Added ‘Radio Chatter’ a simple single forum for general chat, as requested by several users who wanted the ability to chat in the groups like they did on Facebook. This will not be expanding out into a full fledged forum, but staying as a simple message board. You can embed pictures, links, and general formatting into your posts. So a bit better than Facebook formatting was.
  • Added donation button as requested by users.
  • Further style improvements across the site – Including increasing image size on lightbox.

16th March 2016

  • Added age advisory tag to user profiles and listing details. This gets set when a user verifies their account.
  • Improved the private messaging system when messaging another user about a listed item.

13th March 2016

  • Added airsoft technical knowledge base area
  • Knowledge base submission page
  • Several style improvements
  • Feedback system fixed

6th March 2016

  • Added thumbnails to listing details for mobile users

5th March 2016

  • Added verified users
  • Further style updates / improvements

2nd March 2016

  • Added city name to listing front page
  • Added “open to trades” option on listings
  • Changed logo
  • Further style changes
  • Setup Facebook page
  • Setup auto posting to Facebook for new ads
  • Added Facebook widget to site

29th February 2016

  • Improved marking of ads sold. Now in the dashboard when you mark an ad as sold it will be removed from the listings, but remain in your dashboard unless you delete it. If the sale falls through you can restart the ad.

28th February 2016

  • Added visual tag to any post in the WTB categories.
  • Verified Members – members who are verified will have a verified badge in their listing. (I hope to add this to the member profile soon). I will be following up shortly with what’s required to enable your profile to be verified.
  • Sold Ribbon added to listings, so if you mark your item as sold every one will easily see. (You may wish to mark something as sold but before deleting or letting it expire incase the sale may fall through. Using this allows you to keep your listing up).
  • Added comment count for ads into your dashboard so you can easily see how many comments on each ad you have  (coming soon to front page).
  • Users full name added as fields when signing up (excluding social) & displayed on profile page.
  • Loads of style tweaks and improvements.
  • Added link to messaging system to dashboard sidebar.
  • Added footer links.

27th February 2016

26th February 2016

  • Registration required to contact other users
  • User feedback system implemented
  • Private messaging system implemented
  • User list of members
  • Social sharing to ads
  • Increased photo size to 2mb from 1mb – reduced 6 photos to 5
  • Added a ‘Want To Buy’ section
  • Added additional fields to listing – shipping & item condition
  • On listing pages removed tab system in sidebar and made ad author, contact form and map separate

25th February 2016

  • Site launched
  • Initial launch of site supporting submitting ads
  • Ability to login via social media or creating account