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Did You Report X Group on Facebook To Get Them Shutdown?


Today, Simon asked me directly via a comment on my ‘Not So Good Friday…‘ post what my response is to the accusation that I was the one who had the Facebook groups shutdown.

I had originally planned to answer it in a brief and simple ‘No’, but the fact that this seems to be something people are talking about behind my back instead of asking directly – I felt I would address the points in his comment and give a public reply.

So below is Simon’s comment broken up with my responses.


“What do you say to the accusation that you reported these pages to get them shut down?”

I say that it wasn’t me. In fact quite the opposite. I was a member of 2 groups. TradeSoft & Toy Pew Pew Coolness. I had only posted once in TradeSoft – but broke one of the groups rules and my post was deleted (I should have read the rules). Toy Pew Pew however, was an amazing group I was active in and had an excellent member base. They were really responsive, offered loads of suggestions, and the admins were great in helping to promote the site to the 2,000+ members it had.

I had even completed a Trade through that group myself. – I want that group back.


“After facebook threatened closure but then did nothing, it was business as usual in the groups and your site was almost empty.”

I had read from other users that groups on Facebook had been temporarily suspended after their terms change. But yes I agree as a whole it seemed pretty much business as usual in the groups.

As for my site being ‘almost empty’ – not quite. Before Good Friday I had between 60-70 Active adverts running on the site. I wouldn’t call that empty.

Let’s take a look at some site stats as well.

Before the Facebook groups were shut, I had on average about 80 users a day visit the site.

The was an initial spike in users of 285 – 335 on the first 2 days of launching it – as it was new and people wanted to check it out. It then as expected settled down, and had little spike on 6th March and 21st March but on average sat at the 80 users a day.

Good Friday I had 100 users visit the site, then as would be expected over the long weekend of Saturday / Sunday / Monday I had another spike of users looking at options for trading. The top spike on Easter Monday with 453 users.

Tuesday dropped down (as expected much like when the site initially launched – every one rushes to check it out, and then you get a few returning users).

Users last week average about 160. I’ve noticed that Sunday / Monday seem to be the busier days.

I want to put this information out there regarding the traffic for a couple of reasons:

  • To show that the site wasn’t ‘almost empty’ as stated.
  • To show that even after the groups were shut down, it not like everyone just jumped to my site.



“I’m guessing your site had setup costs, so it must have hurt to see it go to waste.”

Yes I’ve had setup costs, I’ve spent between NZ$500 – NZ$550. Not loads, and certainly not the first time I’ve dumped this kind of money into a project. (If anything, this one’s been fairly cheap because I can do majority of the word myself).

I was actually happy with the traction the site was already getting, it’s one of the few projects that had actually taken off and was being actively used.

So no, I wasn’t hurt – because the site wasn’t going to waste.

Plus, the site can easily be duplicated for other niches (a plan down the road), so launching multiple classified sites using this as a template is actually worth the money I’ve spent.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed as well, but it’s not like I’m making any ‘real’ money from the site. I get about $1-$2 a day on average from the adverts, which I’m hoping continues so I can then invest in a better / faster server for the site.


“Then, miraculously, all three major pages in NZ go down over one weekend – but only the ones you were a member of. The pages you weren’t a member of were fine. The paintball pages were fine. The real-steal pages were fine. Popular pages in the US, with several thousand members were fine. Just the ones getting in the way of your site.”

This isn’t quite correct I’m afraid. As far as I know I was only a member of 2 Airsoft gun trading groups. – ‘TradeSoft’ and ‘Toy Pew Pew Coolness’. ‘If’ I was a member of ‘NZ Airsoft Buy Sell’ then I certainly wasn’t aware of it.

I personally can’t comment on other pages. I do not know how Facebook polices it system, I don’t think anyone really knows? It’s just hearsay (Unless they’ve publicly announced it).

I also highly doubt it’s hard for them to find linked accounts / groups / pages that break their rules if something is reported either. Which means who’s to say the groups were even reported in the first place? Something else could have triggered it? But again I don’t know I’m just speculating as I don’t know 100% how their system works.

I also want to leave this comment taken directly on Facebook, which contradicts your statement here. You’re even in the comments so I’m surprised you missed it.



“This accusation is doing the rounds, so I’d be surprised if you weren’t already aware of it, but I thought I’d cut through the bullshit and ask direct. What do you say to it?”

I wasn’t aware of it. I had however experienced hostility or negativity from several users and this did raise this question in the back of my mind. However until you yourself asked, no one has actually asked me or accused me directly. I guess it’s easier to accuse behind closed doors instead of asking directly. However I fully expect those already with their preconceived notions of myself won’t take me at my word. No one here knows me, I’m an ex UK airsofter with no ties and no one to back my character.


TL;DR – No I didn’t report the groups to get them shut down.

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