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Finding Members Is Now Super Easy!


Big update this week at Airsoft Trader, we’ve now added a searchable member list to the site.

You can search for a user by entering their name or username or even part of it. You will then get to see details about that user.

If you don’t know who exactly you are looking for, you can also browse through all users easily as well.

The member lists provides key member information to you quickly, including:

  • Their avatar picture
  • Their Screen name
  • Their Name
  • Their verification & age status
  • Their Feedback rating

You can easily go to their profile page as well by clicking on their screen name.

But that’s not all;

You can now click through to a user’s profile from within the private messaging system – making it super easy to go to their profile page and leave feedback.

I’ve also added a couple of articles to help personalise your account on Airsoft Trader.

The first article is on changing your avatar image – let’s get rid of that default avatar and put something more personal, maybe you shooting your pew pews!

The second article is on how to set your screen name. Most of us have a forum handle or a nick name we more commonly go by – You might want to use this on Airsoft Trader to make things simple.

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