Frequently Asked Questions & Support

See below for common questions and answers. If you need to contact us you can do so via email here

Q. How can I contact a user to buy their item?

A. You will need to sign into your account (you can easily sign-in with your Facebook or Google+ account, or create a new account). You can then contact the user directly from their adverts page by clicking on the ‘message’ option under their images. You will then be able to send them a private message. They will receive an email informing them they have a message and when they reply you will also receive an email informing you. If you have any unread messages in your account, then when you enter the site there will be a notification at the very top of the page.

You can also contact a user through their profile page. You can find users via the Membership Page.

Q. Is it free to list my item?

A. Yes, it’s completely free to list your items on Airsoft Trader, and we have no limits on how many items you may list.

If you’re a commercial entity then we request you contact us first before posting your listings to discuss ┬áthe level of posting you’re looking to do.

We do have some paid features on the site, but these are completely optional and are to help cover costs of hosting and maintaining the site.

Q. How can I leave feedback on other users?

A. To leave feedback on fellow users you simply need to head over to their profile. You can do this by clicking on their name at the bottom of their advert listings or from searching the community. On their profile page, there is an option for ‘Feedback’ clicking this will give you the ability to view their existing feedback and leave feedback on their account. If you go to your own profile page you can reply to feedback that has been left on your account as well. You can quickly access your personal profile page by going to your account, then clicking on the ‘view profile’ link in your account summary.

Q. How can I change my user image in my ad listings and profile?

A. Airsoft Trader will automatically try and use the avatar that’s tied to your email if you have a Gravatar account. If you don’t then you can edit your profile and upload a new image to use as your avatar. Your image needs to be square. You can also update other aspects of your profile and link to your social networks, YouTube account, Your team or club website and more.