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Introducing – Your Watchlist & The Graveyard!


Another busy weekend here at Airsoft Trader and we’ve brought in 2 new features to the site.

The first is a watchlist system, so you can add listings to your personal watchlist which you can access from within your dashboard. This allows you to quickly add something that takes your fancy to look at later to an easily accessible list.

Another great thing about the watchlist is that it shows how many people have added a listing to it. So if you’re on the fence about buying something and you can see several people have added it, you might want to get in before some one else does!

Another feature added is the new category – The Graveyard.

We’ve all got bits of kit, broken bits, or things lying around that we don’t want or need; but are unsure of their value or even what to do with them. The Graveyard is for you.

This area of the site is for you to list all the stuff you don’t want and not sure of its worth. You list these items without a fixed price and other users can offer up trades, cash or what ever for these items. You can then pick from what you want and initiate the trade.

This should be a good way to clear out old stuff without needing to chuck things away.

Thanks to Snowball for offering up this suggestion.

Graveyard listings have their own category which you list in, and on the main page their listings will be clearly identifiable with the skull icon next to their name.

As always if you have any comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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