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July 2016 Update & a Couple of New Features

Hi Folks, hope everyone is well!

I’ve been a been a bit busy the last couple of months and have left AirsoftTrader to quietly tick over and see how she goes.

Good news is we’re getting 200+ users a day visiting the site, with an average of 1,500 pageviews a day.  Looking at the stats over the last couple of months this seems to be the average now.

We’ve got nearly 1,000 likes on Facebook now, and am thinking of doing a little giveaway when we hit that milestone. A “Supply Drop” of sorts. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page when we get to 1,000 likes!


Latest News

Just recently I asked on Facebook for some feedback on the site, seeing as the site has been running a while now.

Nearly 1,000 people saw the post, which was great! But unfortunately, only two people actually provided any feedback.

The first bit of feedback was to include the items price on the Facebook post. I did like this idea and it was something I did look at when I first set up the Facebook page. However, it’s not a simple job.

Another user also pointed out that including prices on the listing might be construed as trying to sell the items via Facebook – something I hadn’t thought about, and could be at risk of being shut down.

I think it’s safe to say this feature will be sitting on the back burner for a while. I’m going to see what similar classified sites over in the UK are doing with regards to posting to Facebook and hopefully make a decision based on my findings.

The next bit of feedback was “Post more Weapons”, again a great bit of feedback, although a little out of my hands!

As a community site, it’s down to you the users to list your gear & guns for sale. If you guys don’t post things, then they won’t appear on the site or the Facebook page.

So that’s the latest update sorted, now onto the two new features:


Feature One – Video Embeds on Your Listings


Everyone know that video is a great tool to sell stuff. It’s so much easier to show something with video than try to explain things in text or pictures.

Plus it would be great if you’re trying to sell something and want to include a video to either a review or a demonstration of it in action.

Well, now you can simply add a YouTube URL to one of the listing fields and the video from the YouTube page will embed directly beneath your ad description.

This is a great way to show off the product to prospective buyers.

But don’t worry, if you’ve already created your post you can edit and add the YouTube URL to an existing ad listing as well.


Feature Two – Bump Ad


This is a second feature I’ve added to the site, something I thought would be quite handy – the ability to bump your post to the top of the front page (and the top of the category).

Not only that it will also bump your ad and repost it to Facebook, getting in front of hundreds of people again.

A good time to bump your ad would be if you’re changing the price, or it’s been on the site for a while and you want some fresh eyes looking at it.

To stop any abuse of the system you can only bump one of your adverts every 48 hours. After this, you can bump it again. There is also a small charge to bump the ads (you can buy in bulk to save).

You can bump an ad directly from the ad page (under your ad description) or from your dashboard (clicking the up arrow).

After an ad has been bumped the option to bump will disappear and won’t show until 48 hours later.

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