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Knowledge Base & Bug Fixes


Things may have seemed quiet over the past week with regards to updates to the site from a development point of view, but rest assured I have been hard at work trying to get things up and running the best I can.

One of the initial requested features of the site was a knowledge base so users could check out guides and information on specific guns. Well good news: it’s here!

The knowledge base will work mainly from user submissions for content. I’ve built out some of the core categories from off the top of my head, but it will work like this:

Manufacturer Name > Model Name > Article Title

This means you can have a sub category with the model name of the gun or equipment, and then an article in here with the subject ‘Compatible Mag Types’ Once initially submitted users can comment with other compatible mag types they find. Articles will be updated periodically from notes in the comments to make them a quick reference. Comments are not for ‘chatting’ thought and any comments not adding to the article will be deleted.

You may also see that I’ve got a couple of categories; Camo & Concealment and Game Scenarios. I was thinking that we don’t have to limit the knowledge base to just technical guides for guns or accessories but would also be a good resource for all airsoft related knowledge. Game Scenarios for example would be a great way to share game ideas that other users can use and try at their clubs.

What Else Has Been Done?

Well aside from the new knowledge base area, I’ve also done more style improvements to the site, they might not be flash and cool, but things like wider content, better mobile viewing etc add to the overall experience of the site. I’m going to be doing some more improvements such as bigger preview images these updates will be rolled out as and when.

I’ve fixed a bug with the feedback system; it was saving to the database but was not displaying on user profiles. This has been resolved so now all feedback left will be updated.

Don’t forget we have the verified user system now. Add trust to your listings and have your account verified.

Other News

I also want to raise information about stolen goods. Some items were taken out of a large shipment heading for Nelson coming from the UK.

Link to the post is here, in case you have any information which can help.



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