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Not So Good Friday…


It’s not been a great Easter for New Zealand Airsoft. Reports came in on Saturday morning that 2 main airsoft trading groups had disappeared. Both ‘TradeSoft’ and ‘NZ Airsoft Buy & Sell’ seemed to have been shutdown by Facebook, and by Saturday evening even the beloved ‘Toy Pew Pew Coolness’ got its nail in its coffin and was shutdown too.

Members have also reported other Facebook groups (not directly related) were also shutdown.

I think many of us didn’t expect Facebook to be as active as they were with shutting down groups, after the announcement on 24th February a lot of groups have tried to get around the new rules imposed by Facebook by doing name changes, privacy settings and more. However, it seems they were merely delaying the inevitable.

It’s a shame as these groups were also a good communion of like minded players and good discussions, now all gone from the public eye.

After hearing the news on 24th / 25th February, I went into full swing and setup AirsoftTrader.co.nz and its slowly been growing over the past month into something special all with feedback from the community on what they want from a trading platform.

As a recent update to the site, as something requested by several users who wanted a ‘chat’ area where they could chat like they did on Facebook. As such I’ve set up part of the site called “Radio Chatter” it’s a simple 1 area message board. But please note;  it’s NOT a fully fledged forum. I’m not looking to expand into that, there’s enough forums out there.

Radio Chatter – is simply a basic single thread forum for new topics and replies, it has better formatting options that Facebook, and you can still upload images into your posts.

Aside from that, let’s have a minute of silence for the fallen, and thoughts to the admins.

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  1. Simon Hale on April 5, 2016 @ 10:04 am

    What do you say to the accusation that you reported these pages to get them shut down?

    After facebook threatened closure but then did nothing, it was business as usual in the groups and your site was almost empty. I’m guessing your site had setup costs, so it must have hurt to see it go to waste. Then, miraculously, all three major pages in NZ go down over one weekend – but only the ones you were a member of. The pages you weren’t a member of were fine. The paintball pages were fine. The real-steal pages were fine. Popular pages in the US, with several thousand members were fine. Just the ones getting in the way of your site.

    This accusation is doing the rounds, so I’d be surprised if you weren’t already aware of it, but I thought I’d cut through the bullshit and ask direct. What do you say to it?

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