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The Problems with Airsoft Trading online and the solutions


One of the biggest problems with trading online is that you never really know who you’re trading with.

Sure you can look at a few of their forum posts, or maybe take a look at what ever their public Facebook profile shows; but this is just what they want you to see.

Being ripped off or scammed is not a nice thing, it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth and leaves resentment for the particular platform you used to trade on.

When talking about the creation of Airsoft Trader, there were a few key ideas that were suggested which are currently not handled well in the current airsoft trading circles. They were:

1 – Feedback & reviews of traders.

Currently when some one is interested in a trade especially on Facebook, there really isn’t a quick way to check them out and their past trading history.

Sure you can check out one of the review groups and have a search and hope some one has posted positive or negative feedback, but it’s a hassle and doesn’t always guarantee a result. You could even check out one of the countless forums and see if any one has had dealings with them there.

Fortunately, Airsoft Trader looks to address this issue. With a central feedback system on a ‘per user’ level.

With this you can build up your feedback rating, even from trades that do not take place on the site, giving other users the confidence that you’re a great person to trade with.

If some body wants to check you out, you can simply direct them to your Airsoft Trader profile page.

See an example of this in action here.

2 – User verification.

Another major concern is being conned and not having any fall back and no where to turn to if the deal goes south.

On a forum, some one can simply never sign in again. On Facebook people can block you or use dummy accounts that look seemingly legit.

At Airsoft Trader we’ve listened to you here as well, and have a ‘Verified Users’ image that accompanies the listings of verified users as well as their profile page. This badge is proudly displayed along side their user details and on the front page listings to let other users know that their ID and Address documents have been submitted to the site and are on record.

This gives other traders the reassurance that trading with verified users will go smoothly.

See an example of this in action here.

Click here to go to the user verification process.

3 – Age verification.

Following on from the user verification it was also requested that the age details and buyer eligibility for users was also taken. Originally users wanted this to be part of the registration process, however that system would be flawed, in the sense that under age users could easily say they were 18+

At Airsoft Trader we do not take personal responsibility for sales, the seller should always do their own due diligence. However, we do want to try and make things easier for you and as such part of the user verification also opens up the age verification as well.

On a users profile it will state one of five things next to their age:

  • No Information
  • Under 16
  • 16 – 17 No Firearms License
  • 16 – 17 With Firearms License
  • 18+

As you can see this can quickly give you an indication of the eligibility of the user you’re trading with.

See an example of this in action here.

Click here to go to the user verification process.

Wrapping Up

So as you can see here at Airsoft Trader we’re trying to do the right thing. We want to make trading in airsoft as safe and as effective as possible, but we can only do that with the support from the rest of the community.

As most of you are aware, all your listings on this site also get fed through to Facebook automatically every 30 minutes. This ensures they get put out in front of other interested buyers.

I know we’d rather be doing other things than spending 30 – 40 minutes logging to every other group or forum to list our stuff, so listing it in one place and getting put out to thousands of potential buyers is the long term goal with Airsoft Trader.

Let’s work together, I’ve built this platform and I now need you to help spread the word. The more of us that use it and like the Facebook page the faster it will grow and the quicker we’ll sell our gear.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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