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Arma's Addtional Information:

Proud member of Wellington Milsim Airsoft and Wyvern Squad Quartermaster.

I trade equipment and weapons of my own and on behalf of members of WMA (Wellington Milsim Airsoft).
All of my sales guarantee that the item is in a full working and functional state unless specifically listed otherwise. All items undergo a full service and/or clean before shipping. Returns are only accepted under special circumstances.

For business, please email me at [email protected] and include the reference 'Airsoft Trader' in the subject area.
If you contact me through my mobile, please ensure to include your name and the words 'Airsoft Trader'.

Please note that I will require proof of club membership and/or the legal ability to own an Airsoft replica if you would like your replica shipped to you. NZ Drivers license and/or Firearms License. I do this to keep a record and protect our sport, please respect that.

Cheers, happy trading!