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Verified Users

We have noticed the heavy stream of scam accounts and fake listings and we are going to be putting more emphasis on the Verified Users section we have on Airsoft Trader

Trust and security are important in any trading platform, there’s nothing worse than being ripped off or scammed online, knowing who to trust can sometimes be tricky

We want to try and make your trades easier and safer by creating a  Verified User badge

Verified Users reassure other traders that your name and address information has been checked.

When your account is verified, you will see an ‘AV’ badge displayed in the following areas:

  • In the ad listing author details
  • In your account dashboard
  • On your public profile page

We have 3 profile badges per user.

  1. AV (Airsoft Trader Verified)This means we have obtained some form of ID to prove membership to a NZ Airsoft Club  Grey = non-verified, Blue = Verified.
  2. Age Badge (advisory only!) Based on the documentation submitted, accounts will feature a badge indicating they are 18+ or 16+ with a FAL 
  3. Account Type Is the user running a personal account or as a trade account.


Please Email your proof of club membership or ID to [email protected] with your Account name as the Subject 

Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any concerns


Airsoft Trader Admin Team